Cala Gracioneta

We want to live on in your memory… With time, good produce, lots of love and a few secret touches. That is how we cook Mediterranean flavours. Come and taste these flavours at Cala Gracioneta, our cosy beach restaurant on the shore of a little jewel of crystal-clear waters hidden in a quiet spot on […]

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Roto Ibiza

Roto Roto Ibiza is a vibrant dining hotspot located in the heart of Marina Ibiza. It offers a modern Mediterranean cuisine with international influences, emphasizing fresh fish, unique local olive oil, and traditional flavors. The atmosphere is smart yet relaxed, perfect for enjoying a lunch or dinner that combines delicious tastes with a hint of

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Hippie Heaven

Ibiza hippie heaven Teatro Pereyra, a historic gem in the heart of Ibiza Town, offers a captivating blend of live music and vibrant performances set against the backdrop of the island’s mesmerizing ancient fortifications. Originally opened in 1898, this iconic venue celebrates its heritage by providing an exceptional entertainment experience, featuring everything from jazz and

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Lío Ibiza Lío Ibiza A luxurious setting that combines high-end gastronomy with vibrant entertainment in an exclusive environment. Located in the heart of Ibiza Marina, Lío stands out for its innovative Mediterranean cuisine with international touches. The restaurant is renowned not only for its exquisite food but also for its cabaret show, making it a meeting

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OKU Restaurant

OKU Restaurant “OKU Restaurant creates a meal you won’t forget and an atmosphere that leaves you wanting more.”   Refined fusion dining at OKU Ibiza’s signature destination restaurant takes diners on a sensory journey of Japanese, pan-Asian and global flavours. The restaurant concept from OKU is pioneered by Executive Chef, Mark Vaessen, who creates an

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